About Us

In 2016, Saica Corporation was established for the purpose of importing plastic films and chemicals for domestic and international distribution, and in 2018 expanded its capacity to enter the manufacturing sector.

In order to ensure the quality of products and services to customers, Saica Corporation operates its business under international management and safety standards, including

ISO 9001, an international standard that businesses around the world attach importance to. for excellence in quality and efficiency of operations within the organization

ISO 9001 is a quality management system that meets international standards. The key concept of ISO 9001 is the establishment of a management system for quality assurance. which is a system that ensures that processes regulated and verifiable through a system that specifies procedures and methods of work To ensure that personnel in the organization know the duties and responsibilities and procedures. in operation which requires training to provide knowledge and skills to work There is a record of information including checking whether the operation is in accordance with the specified in the system or not And there are bug fixes and guidelines to prevent the original error.

Currently, the ISO 9001:2015 standard has increased requirements for understanding the organization and its context. Understanding the needs and expectations of stakeholders to implement risks and opportunities and other requirements This is one of the foundations that will enable organizations to pursue sustainable development towards

Good Manufacturing. Practice, abbreviated as GMP, is good practice in food production. It is a quality assurance system that is practiced in food production to ensure safety.
And confident in consumption, the principles of GMP cover from the location of the establishment. building structure good production system There is safety and quality that meets the standard in
every step from the beginning of production planning. Control system from raw materials during production Finished products, storage, quality control and transport to consumers
have a record system Check and follow up on product quality including a good management system in terms of hygiene (Sanitation and Hygiene)

HACCP is a production standard that has measures to prevent hazards. that consumers may receive from food consumption The guidelines can be applied by different countries to build confidence in the food industry by both producers and consumers. The principles of the HACCP system cover the prevention of problems from 3 hazards, namely biological hazards. (Danger from pathogenic microorganisms or toxins such as fungi, bacteria, viruses), chemical hazards (Chemicals used in farming, cultivation, in the production of raw materials such as pesticides, antibiotics, growth promoters, chemicals used as food additives such as preservatives and chemicals used in factories such as chemicals. Clean factory equipment, grease, lubricants) and physical hazards. (Foreign matter such as glass shards, glass shards, metal, wood shards

comply with the Saica Corporation Quality Policy
“What is good for the community is good for the company.
Leaders What Is Good For The PARTNERSHIP company, .we Will
Strive To do Do Excellently And In A Way That enriches the The Lives Of Our People. “

Discussed the importance of all employees to participate in the development and support in every step. work Because quality is not a matter of production alone. but if it is the duty of everyone to have a common conscience The success that arises is the success that comes from every collaborator The result of success is that employees have a better quality of life. Satisfied customers and giving back to society