BOPP films are transparent bi-oriented polypropylene films
designed to offer high performance, good appearance and easy
converting for flexible packaging and other applications

Plain films are mostly used for printing and lamination industry
whereby we have a strong reputation in providing an excellent film
quality to meet the ever changing stringent quality demand

Heatsealable BOPP fil m mainly produced for the application to
provide an overwrap film.This grade does not require any lmination
sealing layer as the skin of the film is of heat seal.The film comes with
either no,one side or both side corona treatment to improve wetting
tension and it comes in both side heat sealble.Our series are
formulated with anti-static agent or excellent machineabillity which is
also suitable for printing and lamination.

This series were manufactured with excellent antifogging property for
clod display of freas produce.Corona is treated at both sides of films for
printing and lamination proposes.Both sides of the films are heat
sealable for both lap and fin seal
Translucent, non heat sealable One side corona treatment
Low static, good matt surface

Metallized film, non – heatsealable
One side corona treatment
Excellent gloss and stiffness
Excellent dimensional stability,good machinability
Recommend use primer lacquer before printing to get better ink
adhesion. Metallized side should not contact with food.